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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book?
    Book via our 'Book Online' page - choose a class/course/session that you're interested in, find a date that suits you and pay online! If you need to get in touch, message us via Instagram.
  • Do I need to have any prior knowledge of pottery?
    Nope! We will teach you the basics and any extra info you ask for that we can provide. We've also got a good collection of books in the studio that have all sorts of tips and tricks. If you're coming to clay club, we ask that only those who already know how to centre the clay, use the wheel - this will make sure our studio assistant isn't totally preoccupied with centring clay for you instead of helping everyone else. If you're looking to learn all about various techniques of hand building and throwing to get a foundation of understanding that'll help with clay club, why not book onto our 5-week course?
  • What kind of clay do you use?
    We predominantly use earthenware in the studio. For throwing, hand building and clay club we're using Foster's terracotta and we usually have some of Foster's white stoneware too, however this isn't used as often due to the kilns requiring a lot more energy to fire it and most of our glazes being for lower-temp clays.
  • How do I get to you?
    We are on the high street in Penryn - 31 Higher Market Street. After 4pm the car park around the corner from us is free. Find us on google maps here.
  • How many people are in classes usually?
    We have capacity for 6 people at a time, but sometimes there may be fewer.
  • What do we bring/wear for a session?
    You are welcome to bring an apron, your favourite paint brushes, inspiration of what you want to make and snacks too! We advise closed in shoes that you don't mind getting a bit of clay splatter on - it'll wash off with water don't worry. Clothes that can get a bit of clay and glaze on them too - again, it'll all wash off with water. Might be helpful to tie hair back if you have long hair and are using the pottery wheel. Otherwise come as casual or as fancy as you like! If you're throwing on the wheel, it's advised to remove rings, bracelets and watches - they can damage what you make and also get wet/full of clay.
  • What's the deal with being a resident?
    We offer studio membership/residency at £40 per week which gets you: - 24/7 access to the studio (provided there aren't classes/courses on) - full access to as much clay as you like - firings for everything you make - glazing for everything you make We don't require any set contract, so you can pay as you go, just £40 for every week of use. We expect the space to be left in a state ready for the next session and for tools, equipment, books etc. to be respected and looked after.
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